About the Lab

We reduce your uncertainty about what to do next…

Etic: of, relating to, or involving analysis of cultural phenomena from the perspective of one who does not participate in the culture being studied. 


Etic Lab is a research and design consultancy operating at the forefront of the digital technologies that are transforming our culture. We conduct research on behalf of clients in the academic and corporate sectors prototyping and developing custom applications to demonstrate and understand the potential of emerging technologies.

Our aim has always been to create meaningful solutions for those around us. We begin every project with an open mind and the hope that we can help clients discover how best to reflect on and improve their circumstances.

We offer a comprehensive method for clients taking steps towards developing a practical strategy for driving significant benefit from the application of analytics, statistics and AI tools within their organisations.

Our name is an extension of our philosophy – That any strategic service based on the analysis of a cultural phenomenon must be hinged on the objective realities of living, working and engaging with it.