About the Lab

Etic Lab offer access to skills, tools and expertise, all of which can help you reach more people, more efficiently.

We are a research and development laboratory, a group of scientists, technologists and artists interested in the development of new methods, tools and technologies to promote and sustain collective social activism and the use of public data. We research, design and build systems seeking to improve cooperative actions in both social and commercial processes.

Our choice of digital and particularly social media platforms reflects the reality of the circumstances many organisations now find themselves working within. Primarily the need to be able to scale their activity, often at low cost, and while maintaining maximum possible reach. It’s a common thread that runs through a large percentage of the work we have undertaken since our establishment in 2017 and continues to feature heavily.

However, the core expertise of the lab is derived from a wide range of extensive research projects and development activity where we are continually forced to build and then test new tools and methodologies. Each project undertaken to date has aimed at creating significant improvements to either individual campaigns, presentations and indeed working processes in a range of industry sectors.

Etic Lab is not a digital media agency and nor is it a digital communications business.

That said partners frequently work with solutions which reflect the leading edge of digital communications technologies and indeed the lab has developed tools which are highly relevant to these activities. Sustained and continued research remains our primary goal, and based on our work alongside that of others, the development and refinement of new and efficient technologies.

The primary offering of Etic Lab is access to skills, tools and expertise all of which can help you reach more people, more efficiently. Although campaigning features heavily in our work we are not a political organisation, and we have no interest in becoming one. What we do want from any possible partnership is an opportunity to build for the real world and at scale, to promote our core belief in the value of cooperative and collective activism for public good.

To do so, we provide science-based new technologies designed to access and build upon the hopes and expectations of so many people. People who right now are seeking ways in which to create and contribute to meaningful actions in so many spheres of public life. Our research is concerned with both local and national activities that have a breadth and depth. Including those without large budgets.

Naturally, the idea of using 21st-century technologies and approaches does not easily fold into institutions that view Twitter campaigns and mobile phone apps as ‘new’ technologies. It is still the case, however, that many thousands of people are motivated, indeed keen to take part in activities, preferably collective actions that reflect their concerns and ambitions. We can help design those actions, delivering the platform(s) to recruit and sustain large-scale interest and support them to maximise their impact.

Our research has allowed us to develop the most extensive list of case studies, formal research materials and bespoke software tools around digital social activism that probably exists in the UK. We are conducting official research projects with academic partners, and more practical development work with active campaigns is also underway. Examples of our work are available both as entries on this site and externally via other publications here.

If you or an organisation you are connected with would like to take advantage of our resources. If you are helping to grow and sustain campaign(s) by promoting social action in the UK. Please feel free to get in touch with us today.