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The biggest public health task for a generation: test, track, isolate and suppress. Defeating the Coronavirus-19 virus in the UK and the role of tracking applications

As the crisis around Covid-19 unfolds around the globe, many countries are moving between two different types of intervention; lock-down, a massive and massively […]

Introducing Dynamic Etic Lab Predicto-Hypothesis Incident Capture (DELPHIC)

Are you sick of always being right about everything, but nobody giving you the respect you deserve? Too proud/bashful/socially anxious to share your invariably […]

KRAKEN: an Artificial Intelligence Coded by an Octopus

Goldsmiths Visual Cultures department hosts Etic Lab / 0rphan Drift talk about collaborative octopus artificial intelligence (AI) project. KRAKEN? was a talk by Etic […]

Routes to Justice Progress Report

This talk – a midpoint summary of the Routes to Justice Project – was given at the Tech for Justice Cymru event organised by […]

Computational Propaganda is the Wrong Problem – Why Technical Skill isn’t Going to Save Us

A talk on Politics and Change in the 21st Century. Many thanks to our friends at the Technical University of Dresden for the invitation […]

Nascent: a New Contemporary Art Platform

“ ‘The art system needs renewal,’ said José Freire, founder of Team Gallery, a contemporary dealership with spaces in Los Angeles and New York. […]

Routes to Justice

The ability to defend one’s rights in a court of law is in principle one of the fundamental entitlements of modern citizenship. In practise, […]

The Guru Code: Algorithmic Reality Production and Cultural Work

Abstract This paper presents three case studies based on projects undertaken by our organisation in the last year that investigated algorithms and software which, […]

Design Principles for Promoting Public Trust in and Acceptance of Algorithmic Based Decision Aids in Public and Commercial Settings

Recent debate in academia, industry and public settings has given voice to a battery of concerns as to the methods and consequences Big Data […]