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The Guru Code: Algorithmic Reality Production and Cultural Work

Abstract This paper presents three case studies based on projects undertaken by our organisation in the last year that investigated algorithms and software which, […]

Coding the Digital Occult

Coding the Digital Occult:  The Binary [Techno]Pagan and Vodun Ontologies of Cyberspace   Stephanie gave this paper at the Occulture Esoteric Conference in Berlin […]

Real Friends and Meaningful Interactions

Poke London were kind enough to invite us to join their panel at Social Media Week last week for a discussion around the subject […]

Building an Interspecies Twitter Bot (or, what does a cyborg imagine it is like to be a bat?)

The Interspecies Twitter Bot aims to test the limits of art’s repurposing of social media platforms, to go beyond forms of display based on […]

Jordan Peterson’s Proliferation Through YouTube

A graph showing the connections between YouTube videos. “Theresa v Boris: The Battle to be PM” is only 3 hops from “Transgender Professor INSULTS […]

On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning

Below is a transcript of a paper Alex gave at the EVA Conference at Aalborg University in Copenhagen in May 2018. It was the […]

We’re finally in the Victoria and Albert Museum

In 2016 I was approached by the curators of The Future Starts Here exhibition, currently on at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South […]

Twitter’s Bot Policy: Who’s Really Human?

On the 18th of December 2017, Twitter announced that they were changing their terms of service to prohibit “accounts that affiliate with organisations that […]

The whole Facebook, GSR and Cambridge Analytica thing.

Recent revelations demonstrate how Facebook allowed the firm GSR to harvest personal data on individuals and their friends, who in turn handed it to […]

AOIR Conference Paper Autumn 2017

Below is a transcript of the talk Alex gave at the AOIR Conference 2017 in October. It was based on research we prepared with […]

Alt_Right digital propaganda and The_Donald

Our very own Dr Kevin Hogan delivers a presentation at Newspeak House on our recent research working with colleagues at West Virginia University in the […]

NHS Campaign – A worked example

This was a strategy document prepared during Autumn 2016 for our colleagues in Momentum and the Labour Party. It was a theoretical underpinning of […]

The Importance of Communities in Online Communication

This paper was written in response to a draft note: “Campaigns” produced shortly after the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Leadership of the […]