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Legal Tech – Algorithms in the Legal System

This text comes from a talk we gave at the Legal Technology North conference in November 2018. In our investigations into the manipulation of […]

Building an Interspecies Twitter Bot (or, what does a cyborg imagine it is like to be a bat?)

The Interspecies Twitter Bot aims to test the limits of art’s repurposing of social media platforms, to go beyond forms of display based on […]

We’re finally in the Victoria and Albert Museum

In 2016 I was approached by the curators of The Future Starts Here exhibition, currently on at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South […]

Twitter Toolkit: Be Your Own Bot

…no not Bring Your Own Beer – Be Your Own Bot! Etic Lab is pleased to announce our set of Twitter tools to help […]

Twitter’s Bot Policy: Who’s Really Human?

On the 18th of December 2017, Twitter announced that they were changing their terms of service to prohibit “accounts that affiliate with organisations that […]

Tracking referrals to Messenger Chatbots

Tom prepares for the launch of a new Messenger Chatbot by baking the referral source into the bot. Ok so new Messenger Chatbot launching […]

Introducing Twitter Toolkit

Etic Lab introduces their eagerly anticipated Toolkit helping you to automate a range of tasks on Twitter. We’ll start with a brief overview of […]

Facebook Messenger built-in Natural Language Processing

Tom from the Bot Division at Etic Lab explores FaceBook Messenger’s built-in Natural Language Processing.

NHS Campaign – A worked example

This was a strategy document prepared during Autumn 2016 for our colleagues in Momentum and the Labour Party. It was a theoretical underpinning of […]