Etic Lab


An Access to Justice Data Federation

Etic Lab wins funding from the Open Data Institute to explore privacy-protecting data collaborations in the Access to Justice sector Today, the Open Data […]

Introducing Etic’s Secure Integrated Communications Suite (SICS)

In March, thanks to the Routes to Justice Project and our work in assessing the potential for systemic impact in involving digital technologies in […]

Routes to Justice Project Report Covid-19 Briefing

Video and documentation of the webinar briefing on our Report, a feasibility study into the application of big data and AI in the access to […]

Digital Technologies in the Access to Justice Sector – A Strategic Overview

Want the report? Read it here… What is the Routes to Justice Project? Routes to Justice (R2J) is a feasibility study designed to evaluate […]

COVID-19 Emergency Proposal

The following letter was one we sent to our colleagues in the legal sector in mid-March 2020 as it became clear just how much […]

We keep mapping the present but it won’t hold still

In his very short story “On Exactitude in Science”, Jorge Luis Borges imagined a fantastical society that had become obsessed with the production of […]

Routes to Justice Progress Report

This talk – a midpoint summary of the Routes to Justice Project – was given at the Tech for Justice Cymru event organised by […]

Routes to Justice

The ability to defend one’s rights in a court of law is in principle one of the fundamental entitlements of modern citizenship. In practise, […]

Legal Tech – Algorithms in the Legal System

This text comes from a talk we gave at the Legal Technology North conference in November 2018. In our investigations into the manipulation of […]