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Work With Etic Lab to Reduce Your Uncertainty and Realise Your Goals

Etic Lab offers a bespoke consultancy and design service, working with clients from business, academia and civil society to understand how they can use the latest advances in digital technology to achieve their goals. Our approach is based on acquiring a deep understanding of our client’s needs and providing them with tools and strategies purpose-built to address them – you’ll find no off-the-shelf solutions here.

Each project we undertake is different, because it is designed to meet the specific needs of that particular client. Nevertheless, over the years we have developed a flexible process which has served us well in a range of settings:

  • Problem Formation: We always start with a collaborative problem-forming exercise, working with our client to define the specific issues they would like to address, establishing their desired goals and laying out a process for achieving them.
  • System Mapping: Combining the clients domain-specific knowledge with our own research, we conduct a comprehensive mapping of the system in which our work will take place, highlighting the points where we can act to achieve maximum effect.
  • Intervention Design and Implementation: Based on the shared understandings developed in the past two steps, we build and implement a set of interventions designed to achieve our client’s goals. This will probably involve a technical element, but it could just as well be based around finding new partners for collaboration, initiating a program of organisational change or experimenting with new ways to engage your stakeholder community.
  • Evaluation and Iteration: By monitoring the impacts of our initial intervention, we identify what’s working well, where there’s room for improvement and what we can learn that will allow our work to be more effective in future.

The results we achieve will depend on the client and the project, but here are a range of outcomes we’ve been able to achieve for previous partners:

  • New Metrics: Using the latest advances in data analytics and machine learning, we’ve worked with clients to design bespoke digital metrics which have enabled them to locate, analyse and engage organisations in their target sector.
  • Thought Leadership: By undertaking a comprehensive programme of mixed-methods research and data analytics, we’ve helped our partners identify the most important emerging trends in their field, and help establish them as an authority on the future of their profession.
  • Feasibility Studies: By conducting an extensive program of systems mapping and field research, we’ve presented clients with a range of options for using digital technology to help mission-driven organisations achieve their goals in a complex and volatile policy area. We then developed a range of technical prototypes to demonstrate these ideas in action.

We always offer our clients complete confidentiality, so many of the details of our past work are privileged information. However, you can read about the public-facing aspects of our previous projects here.

If you interested in working with Etic Lab, get in touch. Don’t feel obliged to come with a concrete proposal or even a clear definition of your problem – all our work begins with an exploratory conversation, and we’re always happy to work with our clients to understand what we can achieve together.

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