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The Etic Lab Concept Development Service

Our Concept Development Service will guide you from speculative idea to fully-formed project. Sign up today!

Do you have an idea that people keep telling you is impossible? A business strategy you haven’t been able to get off the ground, an invention you can’t get built, or a creative vision that won’t come into focus? By registering for our concept development service, you can turn your speculative fantasy into a concrete plan based on sector-specific research, clear and attainable goals, and fleshed-out technical prototypes. When you subscribe to our Free tier, you’ll be able to discuss your idea with a member of our team, with the further possibility of a free consultation to scope your proposal in greater depth. With our Paid tier, Etic Lab’s full range of skills and expertise will be on hand to help you steer your project from conception to execution. Sign up today to explore the art of the possible.

Free Tier

  • Share your ideas with Etic Lab in a free one-off consultation
  • Explore ways to expand and extend your proposal
  • Receive a technical feasibility review
  • Get suggestions for relevant contacts
  • Make your pitch to us and receive on-the-spot feedback

Retainer Tier

  • Fix meetings with Etic Lab partners whenever suits you
  • Full project support from conception to planning to execution
  • Develop technical specifications
  • Support for applications and pitches
  • Access to our network of contacts
  • Identify and apply for funding
  • Develop a long-term working relationship with Etic Lab
  • Participate in Etic Lab’s internal process – share our ideas and help shape our thinking
  • Work together to turn a speculative idea into a fully-formed project

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