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Spring 2018 Update

Highlights from Spring 2018, including our exhibit at the V&A, digital fingerprinting, the MinD project and our appearance at EVA Copenhagen

Etic Lab have enjoyed a busy first quarter of 2018. So we thought we’d take the opening of the new exhibition at the V&A this month, The Future Starts Here, as an occasion to provide a quick roundup of what’s currently going on at The Lab alongside the exhibit we’ll have on display there.

The V&A first; Alex has been working with @samuelwoolley to prepare @futurepolitica1 Twitter Bot software technology for use during the exhibition. It opens on May 12th, so if you want to see the creation in action or help it out with its research be sure to go check it out.

Alongside that, our in-house research project has been a combined effort to design, prototype and implement a system for finding and classifying the efforts of commercial websites to ‘fingerprint’ visitors to their online properties. We’ll be reporting our findings, and some possible implications and actions concerning the research near the end of May so be sure to look out for our post.

Spring 2018 also brought about the initial phase of Etic Lab’s work with MinD, and its EU research grant. Collaborations began with our partners from the university sectors of the UK, Germany, Holland and Spain and led to our first secondment to Barcelona. During the visit, our team were working on the specification and prototyping phases of creating digital aids for people and their supporters impacted by a diagnosis of Dementia. This project is continuing throughout the year, but we will be working full-time with our European colleagues again in October.

Later this month we’ll also be speaking at http://www.eva-copenhagen.dk/. The conference will be focusing on questions surrounding how the machine impacts and contextualises artistic production and perception. Within the conference presentations we will look to address the ‘politics’ of machines and ‘inescapable’ technological structures, as well as the critical infrastructures of artistic production that fall in-between human and non-human agency. Etic are presenting on the Algorithms and Intelligence in Art After Aesthetics program on May 17th at Aalborg University Copenhagen (AC Meyers Vænge 15, 2450 Copenhagen) 3pm local. Visit here for tickets.

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