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An Artificial Intelligence Programmed by an Octopus (ISCRI)

ISCRI is an exploratory artistic, scientific and technological project in collaboration with artist Maggie Roberts and her collective 0rphan Drift that will create an […]

An Access to Justice Data Federation

Etic Lab wins funding from the Open Data Institute to explore privacy-protecting data collaborations in the Access to Justice sector Today, the Open Data […]

Introducing Etic’s Secure Integrated Communications Suite (SICS)

In March, thanks to the Routes to Justice Project and our work in assessing the potential for systemic impact in involving digital technologies in […]

Routes to Justice Project Report Covid-19 Briefing

Video and documentation of the webinar briefing on our Report, a feasibility study into the application of big data and AI in the access to […]

The biggest public health task for a generation: test, track, isolate and suppress. Defeating the Coronavirus-19 virus in the UK and the role of tracking applications

As the crisis around Covid-19 unfolds around the globe, many countries are moving between two different types of intervention; lock-down, a massive and massively […]

Introducing Dynamic Etic Lab Predicto-Hypothesis Incident Capture (DELPHIC)

Are you sick of always being right about everything, but nobody giving you the respect you deserve? Too proud/bashful/socially anxious to share your invariably […]

Etic Lab Plots New Routes to Justice for the Digital Age

For immediate release: 4th May 2020 New report tells the access to justice sector to put the brakes on “legal tech” and focus on […]

Digital Technologies in the Access to Justice Sector – A Strategic Overview

Want the report? Read it here… What is the Routes to Justice Project? Routes to Justice (R2J) is a feasibility study designed to evaluate […]

COVID-19 Emergency Proposal

The following letter was one we sent to our colleagues in the legal sector in mid-March 2020 as it became clear just how much […]

We keep mapping the present but it won’t hold still

In his very short story “On Exactitude in Science”, Jorge Luis Borges imagined a fantastical society that had become obsessed with the production of […]

KRAKEN: an Artificial Intelligence Coded by an Octopus

Goldsmiths Visual Cultures department hosts Etic Lab / 0rphan Drift talk about collaborative octopus artificial intelligence (AI) project. KRAKEN? was a talk by Etic […]

Routes to Justice Progress Report

This talk – a midpoint summary of the Routes to Justice Project – was given at the Tech for Justice Cymru event organised by […]

Anti-Muslim Propaganda in the US: a Study of Online Narratives and Communities

Summary Muslim citizens of the US are uniquely discriminated against on religious grounds insofar as the Executive has sought to exclude their co-religionists from […]

Computational Propaganda is the Wrong Problem – Why Technical Skill isn’t Going to Save Us

A talk on Politics and Change in the 21st Century. Many thanks to our friends at the Technical University of Dresden for the invitation […]

Nascent: a New Contemporary Art Platform

“ ‘The art system needs renewal,’ said José Freire, founder of Team Gallery, a contemporary dealership with spaces in Los Angeles and New York. […]

Routes to Justice

The ability to defend one’s rights in a court of law is in principle one of the fundamental entitlements of modern citizenship. In practise, […]

The Guru Code: Algorithmic Reality Production and Cultural Work

Abstract This paper presents three case studies based on projects undertaken by our organisation in the last year that investigated algorithms and software which, […]

Design Principles for Promoting Public Trust in and Acceptance of Algorithmic Based Decision Aids in Public and Commercial Settings

Recent debate in academia, industry and public settings has given voice to a battery of concerns as to the methods and consequences Big Data […]

Legal Tech – Algorithms in the Legal System

This text comes from a talk we gave at the Legal Technology North conference in November 2018. In our investigations into the manipulation of […]

Coding the Digital Occult

Coding the Digital Occult:  The Binary [Techno]Pagan and Vodun Ontologies of Cyberspace   Stephanie gave this paper at the Occulture Esoteric Conference in Berlin […]

Real Friends and Meaningful Interactions

Poke London were kind enough to invite us to join their panel at Social Media Week last week for a discussion around the subject […]

Building an Interspecies Twitter Bot (or, what does a cyborg imagine it is like to be a bat?)

The Interspecies Twitter Bot aims to test the limits of art’s repurposing of social media platforms, to go beyond forms of display based on […]

Jordan Peterson’s Proliferation Through YouTube

A graph showing the connections between YouTube videos. “Theresa v Boris: The Battle to be PM” is only 3 hops from “Transgender Professor INSULTS […]

On the Trail of Google’s Tracking

Google is not a search engine, it’s a personal data broker. Search, maps and mail are not their end products, they are just some […]

Introduction to Digital Fingerprinting

Not Surprised So I had been thinking about getting a Polaroid camera. Probably mentioned it to friends and family… specifically in rants at amateur […]

On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning

Below is a transcript of a paper Alex gave at the EVA Conference at Aalborg University in Copenhagen in May 2018. It was the […]

We’re finally in the Victoria and Albert Museum

In 2016 I was approached by the curators of The Future Starts Here exhibition, currently on at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South […]

Spring 2018 Update: V&A Exhibition and more

Etic Lab have enjoyed a busy first quarter of 2018. So we thought we’d take the opening of the new exhibition at the V&A […]

Twitter Toolkit: Be Your Own Bot

…no not Bring Your Own Beer – Be Your Own Bot! Etic Lab is pleased to announce our set of Twitter tools to help […]

Alembic: Database migrations using Python

When building web applications we are used to using database migrations and seeders to build your schema, make changes and populate our app’s database. […]

GDPR: Secure, Diligent and Ethical Working

Etic Lab know that the threats and opportunities in the digital era for a business based on acquiring, creating, and analysing and using high […]

Twitter’s Bot Policy: Who’s Really Human?

On the 18th of December 2017, Twitter announced that they were changing their terms of service to prohibit “accounts that affiliate with organisations that […]

The whole Facebook, GSR and Cambridge Analytica thing.

Recent revelations demonstrate how Facebook allowed the firm GSR to harvest personal data on individuals and their friends, who in turn handed it to […]

Tenants Union UK

Etic Lab has been working as part of a team to set up and launch a national Union of tenants in the private rented […]

Tracking referrals to Messenger Chatbots

Tom prepares for the launch of a new Messenger Chatbot by baking the referral source into the bot. Ok so new Messenger Chatbot launching […]

Introducing Twitter Toolkit

Etic Lab introduces their eagerly anticipated Toolkit helping you to automate a range of tasks on Twitter. We’ll start with a brief overview of […]

Facebook Messenger built-in Natural Language Processing

Tom from the Bot Division at Etic Lab explores FaceBook Messenger’s built-in Natural Language Processing.

AOIR Conference Paper Autumn 2017

Below is a transcript of the talk Alex gave at the AOIR Conference 2017 in October. It was based on research we prepared with […]

Political Twitter Bots: Demonstrator and Research Platform

Etic Lab has been researching the development of political Bots on the major Social Media platforms for some time. Initially, we concentrated on developing […]

Alt_Right digital propaganda and The_Donald

Our very own Dr Kevin Hogan delivers a presentation at Newspeak House on our recent research working with colleagues at West Virginia University in the […]