The Team

Dr Kevin Hogan is an Applied Psychologist with a BSc and PhD in psychology. He is a published researcher with significant project management experience. His interests include Organisational Development, HCI and Health Services research. He also has contributed to many data science projects and has a background in statistics and experimental design and a knowledge of the Google Big Query toolset.


Mr Tom Barrington has a BSc in Mathematics and is a qualified Prince2 practitioner. His software engineering experience includes web site development and PHP programming over more than 5 years and most recently he has worked on the development of software robots deploying PHP, Python and NLP methods. Proficient with Laravel 5 and Vuejs frameworks.


Mr Alex Hogan has a BSc in Physics and 7 years experience in building Data science projects utilising Python and NSQL technologies combined when appropriate, with Cloud based tools for storing and analysing data. Most recently he has collaborated with Oxford University academics to use his skills in Software robot design. Working together Tom and Alex have built novel database system interfaces including mapping and chatbot approaches.


Mr Christian Tilt has a BA in Art and Design and a strong commercial track record in developing and implementing technically demanding commercial websites and software systems interfaces.

Christian Tilt


Mr Casper Drake has a BA in Political Science and a passion for technology, particularly its social implications. He writes software with Python, Lua and Go, and has experience of Linux systems administration and full stack development.


The Partnership has an extensive inventory of computer hardware, software tools and an extensive codebase of tools and applications developed and wholly owned by the company. The partnership has a unique blend of intellectual capital and intellectual property which directly underpins our programme(s) of work.