COVID-19 Emergency Proposal

In March 2020 we submitted an emergency proposal to use our digital mapping technology to track the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the access to justice sector.

The following letter was one we sent to our colleagues in the legal sector in mid-March 2020 as it became clear just how much damage the coronavirus pandemic was going to do…

Etic Lab has developed internal systems for supporting remote working during the pandemic lockdown. We are an experienced group of software engineers, data scientists and the systems (virtual machines/data storage) to prosecute this work in place. Our business also has a full professional IP audit of our systems and we are registered with the ICO and carry professional insurance. In making the proposal, we were in a position to start primary data collection within a few hours of project approval.

The software mentioned is the ELNAT project – a spinoff research tool developed as part of our Routes to Justice Project. Below you can find some visualisations of a selection of data products composed by the ELNAT system.

Building entities from heuristics
Networks and communities of Affordable Advice actors based on Social Media Use
Networks and communities of Affordable Advice actors based on Website Links
A selection of sector actors in the UK mapped with their score from our Digitalisation Scanner
A selection of the communities in the sector linked by their trustees
A wider view of the trustee community map
An example of our Ontology where red and green lines map the flows of money and information respectively
An example of our Ontology where the lines map decision making authority

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