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Perspective Paradox

The team at Etic Lab share a collective desire; to be able to work in a way that prioritises considering the circumstances we encounter deeply, and from the standpoint of more than just an onlooking consultant or researcher. We aim to engage with situations where our understanding is both developing and importantly still objective enough to provide a new point of view that’s sufficiently removed from convention, useful to those involved, and ultimately interesting.

Of course, we also recognise how that style of engagement contradicts our name a little. The perspectives we have are, of course, laced with subjectivity based on a whole range of experiences. So its something we’ve chosen to embrace – First and foremost through our visual identity.

The etic logo is a nod to the namesake of this post, in particular German Artist and head of Black Mountain College Josef Albers, who produced a series of printworks that inspired it. Those works, superficially at least, a representation of the inevitably different readings of the subject wholly dependent on who it is that’s looking.

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