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Etic Lab

Etic Lab was founded in 2017 by Alex Hogan, Kevin Hogan, Tom Barrington and Christian Tilt. Since then, Etic has worked to research, design and build systems to facilitate cooperative action in both social and commercial processes in fields as diverse as debt management, tenant’s rights, and the provision of free legal advice. A digital research and design consultancy, Etic offers a range of services directed at individuals and organisations who want to explore the transformative possibilities offered by cutting-edge data and communications technologies. Here, you can find information, updates and announcements relating to the Lab, its staff and its past, current and upcoming projects. If you’d like to talk to us about what we do, or are interested in working with us, please contact the team.


Looking for where to start? Here’s a snippet from one of our articles relating to our work here at Etic Lab:

Routes To Justice
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Routes to Justice

The Routes to Justice project is an attempt to test the feasibility of applying AI and data analytic technologies to support the access to justice sector in delivering free legal advice to people with limited means by developing systemwide capacity for strategic collaboration.

The ability to defend one’s rights in a court of law is in principle one of the fundamental entitlements of modern citizenship. In practise, however, many individuals face significant barriers to their attempts to access the British justice system, whether because they cannot afford legal advice and representation, they lack the necessary expertise to identify the support relevant to their particular problem, or because they do not have the free time to dedicate to advancing a legal claim.

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