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As members of Etic Lab, its our good fortune to spend all day thinking about and working with fascinating ideas, and we’re always excited to have the opportunity to share that with other people. We’ve presented at events and conferences in Denmark, Germany, Spain and all over the UK. We see speaking engagements as a chance to boost the visibility of our work, but also to meet and converse with people who share our interests and commitments. There are a range of different talks available in our archive – you could start with one of our favourites, “On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning”, which Alex delivered at the EVA Conference at Aalborg University in May 2018.

If what you read piques your interest, or you have an event you’d like us to speak at, get in touch.


Looking for where to start? Here’s a snippet from one of our articles relating to our work with Talks and Publicity:

On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning
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On the Cruelty of Computational Reasoning

We demonstrate the cruelty of current computational reasoning artefacts when applied to decision making in human social system. We see this unintended cruelty not as a direct expression of the values of those creating or using algorithms, but a certain consequence nevertheless.

Below is a transcript of a paper Alex gave at the EVA Conference at Aalborg University in Copenhagen in May 2018. It was the product of the last 24 months of our work with Algorithmic Decision Making. We have both designed and built machine learning algorithms and performed research into the effects and outcomes of their use. The paper was an exploration of some of the extremes of what we have experienced. The subject of the conference was “Politics and the Machines” and our…

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