Etic Lab


Multimedia Unique Software & Exhibition Laboratory (MUSEL)

MUSEL offers a complete service for contemporary art and across the arts, with whole digital project support from beginning to end. It aims to help artists, researchers, museums and galleries to understand what is possible technically and then to facilitate the project. Services include digital arts consultancy, project planning and fundraising to software design and project management.

MUSEL addresses the emerging requirement for creative digital engagement in the arts and sciences, for artistic projects, exhibitions, infrastructure and research communication. It also uniquely offers a service to find funding for unfunded artistic digital projects that it deems viable and of interest to the Lab; this is offered at our discretion.

Our service operates at the interface between digital and computational art, design and technoscience, participatory digital projects, AI and data-led practices. We develop digital and material substrates for museums and contemporary arts projects. MUSEL offers a suite of services for digital artwork, exhibition and event design, from research and development to prototyping and co-creating multimedia projects. These are scalable and can be tailored to a range of budgets. Our service is offered to institutions, whether preparing for exhibitions or for their own infrastructure, such as implementation of AR, as much as individual artist-coders who need framework and support, or artists with no background in code who are interested in exploring computation in their work.

Collecting and parsing data, using data creatively, machine learning (ML) and deep learning are Etic Lab specialisms offered as part of MUSEL’s services. For example, ML models that artists and museums need may include gesture recognition for tracking how people move, or text generation in order to imitate certain kind of texts.

Etic Lab’s MUSEL division offers technology consultancy and facilitation for multimedia IRL & online exhibitions, artworks, socially engaged artistic projects and mixed reality experiences at all scales. Services range from designing software, developing bespoke technological solutions and delivering digital projects to collaborative research and development including project planning, budgeting, fundraising and delivery within a set timeframe.

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