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Etic Lab isn’t interested in creating a market niche by hoarding skills and know-how. In our projects and consultancy, we aim to provide our partners with the knowledge and the infrastructure to manage their own digital resources, in order that their long-term ability to utilise them is not dependent on third parties. As an extension of this ethos, we also offer online tutorials in which we share some aspect of our work with a general audience. Here, you can find guides on database management, chatbot construction and the use of web-crawlers for data mining, with much more to follow.

If you have any questions about our tutorials, or if you have a particular skill you’d like to share with us, please drop us an email.


Looking for where to start? Here’s a snippet from one of our articles relating to our work with Tutorials:

Alembic: Database Migrations Using Python
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Alembic: Database Migrations Using Python

Tom provides a useful tutorial for using database migration to build schema for web applications.

When building web applications we are used to using database migrations and seeders to build your schema, make changes and populate our app’s database. A great example of this is within Laravel Database Migrations which provides a command line tool to create migrations.

You then use the Schema builder to create and modify tables.

Running the migration command will sequentially roll out your migrations to the database.


So let’s reflect on the benefits…

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